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Athletic Recovery

Enhance Physical Performance & Accelerate Recovery Time

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Rejuvenate your skin, combat cognitive decline, & improve immune function

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Surgery Recovery

Learn how HBOT helps in shortening recovery time post-surgery.

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Autoimmune Disease

Learn how HBOT combats autoimmune disease.

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Cognitive Performance

Promote sharper clarity, better memory, and improved cognitive performance

COVID-19 Long Haul

Reduce Long COVID Symptoms


Learn how HBOT is helping in Neurology..


Learn what MD Hyperbaric has in the field of Orthopaedics

Franchises Available

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

HBOT is a painless, non-invasive medical therapy that enhances the body’s natural healing process by breathing in 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. This saturates blood cells and tissues with 1,200% more oxygen than normal breathing, giving the body more fuel (oxygen) to work and recover. HBOT optimizes healing at the cellular level, making it a beneficial treatment for a wide variety of conditions and circumstances.

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Dr. O’Malley is Team Orthopedist for the Brooklyn nets and Team Physician for USA Basketball as well as the foot and ankle consultant for the New York Giants and New York City Ballet.

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MD Hyperbaric specializes in providing the highest level of patient care and providing painless, non-invasive medical therapy that enhances the body's natural healing process.

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What is HBOT Treatment like?

MDHyperbaric utilizes the FDA-approved Fortius 420, the largest chamber on the market (91in. long 42in. diameter). Patients simply breathe normally to deliver 100% oxygen to the body while relaxing, sleeping, or reading. A typical session lasts around 80 minutes.

Is HBOT Safe?

HBOT is performed under medical supervision. Although there are minor risks, like all medical treatments, HBOT is extremely safe. The risks will be discussed with you before you sign your consent form for therapy.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effect is barotrauma to the ears and sinuses caused by the change in pressure. To minimize this risk, patients learn techniques to clear their ears during compression. Occasionally some patients may experience changes in their vision during their treatment period. These changes are usually minor and temporary. A rare side effect is oxygen toxicity, which is caused by administering too much oxygen. At MDHyperbaric, we follow treatment protocols to avoid any such issues.

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Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper
I called a few places looking forward Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy for decompression sickness and the only one that stood out was MD Hyperbaric due to their friendly staff and willingness to accommodate me from the very first call. It was also very easy to see up my first appointment. The chambers themselves are very comfortable. It was my first time ever doing this type of therapy and it was very easy, but it was nice to have the staff check on me numerous times throughout each session to make sure I was comfortable. The oxygen chamber definitely works. And I’ll definitely make sure to use MD Hyperbaric in the future due to how great the staff is and how effective the therapy is.
Eli Morris
Eli Morris
Very efficient check-in with friendly staff. Tranquil experience and felt completely refreshed after one 1-hour session. Comfortable chambers with pillows and foam padding - felt very safe. Highly recommend for medical and/or recreational use.
Dubi Ajukwu
Dubi Ajukwu
Amazing facility with very customer-oriented staff. Highly recommend. 10/10.
Sarah Pickup
Sarah Pickup
Very clean and staff was extremely professional. Overall great and relaxing experience.

What athlete are saying about our services and treatments

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