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COVID-19 Long Haul in New York, NY

COVID-19 long haul, also known as long COVID-19 or post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC), describes the lingering symptoms that persist for weeks or months after the acute phase of the infection has resolved. In addressing the challenges faced by those suffering from this condition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has emerged as a promising intervention. At MD Hyperbaric in New York, NY, our team specializes in using HBOT to aid patients struggling with the long-term effects of COVID-19. The dedicated professionals at MD Hyperbaric are committed to harnessing the restorative power of HBOT, crafting personalized treatment plans to support patients on their journey to regain vitality and wellness after their battle with long COVID-19.

Treatment of long COVID-19 offers numerous benefits, directly addressing the complex symptoms associated with this condition. Patients who opt for HBOT at MD Hyperbaric in New York, NY can look forward to:

  • Alleviation of chronic fatigue: A significant reduction in the pervasive tiredness that long COVID-19 sufferers often experience
  • Improved cognitive functions: Enhancements in memory, focus, and the reduction of "brain fog" symptoms
  • Enhanced respiratory health: Assistance in the recovery of lung function and ease of breathing difficulties
  • Reduced inflammation: A decrease in systemic inflammation, which is a common issue in long COVID-19 patients
  • Quicker recovery process: Acceleration of the overall healing process, helping patients return to their normal activities sooner

Undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) provides a unique experience for those battling the long-term effects of COVID-19. Patients will relax in a specially designed chamber where they breathe in 100% oxygen at pressures greater than what is found at sea level. This controlled setting significantly boosts the oxygen saturation in the bloodstream, and by extension, the body's tissues. Such an increase in oxygen levels plays a pivotal role in mitigating long-term symptoms by stimulating the body's healing mechanisms, diminishing inflammation, and bolstering immune cell functionality. As a result, HBOT acts directly on the persistent symptoms of long COVID-19, facilitating a smoother and more comprehensive recovery process for those seeking relief from this condition's enduring impacts.

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Phenomenal facility with amazing team. Regularly reacting to schedule changes easily, the team works extremely friendly hours for patients. I would give this team my highest rating possible.

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First time user. Excellent supervision and very knowledgeable staff! Will definitely follow up with another visit or more. The swelling from my recent procedure on my foot is noticeably less after only one treatment. 🏼

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the best :)

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MDHyperbarics amazingly personalized care Sensitive efficient Supportive. Educated personnel. Want to be there when there because everyone so helpful and kind and responsible

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How do treatment protocols vary for different patients with long COVID at hyperbaric centers?

Each patient's treatment protocol at hyperbaric centers is tailored to their specific needs. Factors like the severity and variety of symptoms, overall health status, and medical history are considered to create a personalized treatment plan. This customized approach helps ensure that each patient receives the optimal level of care and the most appropriate treatment duration and frequency.

Is there ongoing research into the effectiveness of HBOT for treating COVID-19 long haul?

Ongoing research is being conducted to assess the effectiveness of HBOT in treating COVID-19 long haul. These studies aim to better understand how increased oxygen levels can aid in recovery from chronic symptoms and evaluate the long-term benefits and potential risks of the therapy.

What kind of follow-up care is recommended after completing a course of HBOT for COVID-19 long haul?

After completing a course of HBOT, follow-up care typically involves additional assessments to monitor recovery and ensure that improvements in symptoms are sustained. Patients may also be given guidance on lifestyle adjustments or continued therapies to support their long-term health and recovery from COVID-19 long haul symptoms.

If you're struggling with the lingering effects of COVID-19, don't face it alone. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at MD Hyperbaric in New York, NY offers a pathway to recovery, helping to alleviate persistent symptoms and restore your well-being. Reach out to us today, and discover how HBOT can be an integral part of your healing journey, bringing you closer to reclaiming your health and vitality.

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