Anti-Aging & Longevity

Rejuvenate your skin, combat cognitive decline, & improve immune function

Improving age-related diseases and degenerative disorders through HBOT has shown promising results in recent studies. The air we breathe everyday contains only 20.9% oxygen, and this hypoxic environment means that our bodies send oxygen to where it’s needed most to support our body’s vital functions. HBOT can help give the extra oxygen we need as we age to heal, repair, and rebuild.

Aging is characterized by the progressive loss of physiological capacity. At the cellular level, two key characteristics of aging include telomere length shortening and cellular senescence. HBOT has been found to promote longevity at the cellular level by increasing telomere length and decreasing immunosenescence in isolated blood cells, backed up by a study out of Israel from 2020.

A further study regarding skin aging specifically, indicates that “for the first time in humans, that HBOT can significantly modulate the pathophysiology of the skin aging in a healthy aging population.”

HBOT Benefits