Improved Cognitive Performance

Promote sharper clarity, better memory, and improved cognitive performance

HBOT is a well-known method for enhancing cognitive performance. Business people are constantly looking for ways to optimize performance, but face challenges such as lack of sleep, poor concentration, and “brain fog.” Think of oxygen as fuel for the brain. By flooding the brain with 10-15 times more oxygen than normal, HBOT helps optimize your mental faculties, promoting sharper clarity and focus, better memory, and improved cognitive performance for business

Performance is also limited by the amount of energy your body produces. HBOT helps boost energy and promote faster recovery from fatigue by increasing the amount of ATP (body’s battery) in the body. Injury, illness, and generally diminished physical health also limit performance. HBOT accelerates tissue repair by hastening growth of new blood vessels and protects against infection.

HBOT patients report feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take of the world. One recent study from China found that just 5 treatments in 5 days improved spatial working memory, which was confirmed through functional MRI scanning.

HBOT Benefits